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Here at Computer Geeks we like to give all our customers the option to get remote technical help almost instantly. CGeeks Techs will provide you with friendly and professional remote support, helping you work through your problems in no time. Give us a call at the office at (252)355-3339 for assistance.


Remote Session

By visiting the GeeksYardSale link you may purchase a remote session with us to become connected with one of our technicians in store! On GeeksYardSale, check out GeeksHelpDesk. The GHD package comes with antivirus, hardware monitoring, and remote support!


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You May Need

If you are running an older Windows System you may need Teamviewer 6. If you're running a Mac system you may need Teamviewer 10 for Mac.


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By visiting our Computer Geeks website, you may find out some more information about us! If you'd like to give us a call at (252)355-3339, we'd be happy to hear from you. If you'd like to stop by at our Office Location, we'd be happy to see you! If you'd like to shoot us an E-Mail, we'd be happy to help!